Meet our pilgrim hostel

Our History

This project idea began one day when we went to eat at a pizzeria that was on the Camino de Santiago, and the owner told us that we arrived just to try out his pizzas because he was going on holiday the next day, and that it was going to be closed for 6 months. When he told us that, we looked at each other and thought that 6 months was a long time on holiday, and that we were very attracted by the idea of continuing to travel as usual and having a permanent job that would allow us to do so.

The idea

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there free Internet connection?


Do you have a space to store the bicycles?


Is it possible to park close to the hostel?


Is there a possibility to cook something of your own?

We have a microwave and a dining room in which you can eat the food you bring with you.

At what time does the hostel close at night?

At 10 p.m.

Have you got hot water?


Do you accept volunteers?

To become a member of the volunteer team you must contact us in advance. We will indicate you the steps to follow

Do you admit pets?

Pets are not allowed by law

Request a call

We’ll do our best to reach you ASAP.